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new to the Forum

Hello everyone

I discovered that I have a balloon fetish over 30+ years ago when I was 12 years old. now I am 51years old and I'am a non-popper
and I like Big Balloons. and I am still in the (closet so to speak) I will wright more about my childhood later. on both message forums
I am also a member Blow to pop message Forum
My u/n is MNballoon2


  • Welcome MNBalloon2,
    Thanks for joining the forum!
    You will notice that both forums can go "quiet" for a few days or weeks, this is normal.
    However, I am here (on both forums) every single day and I can always be reached privately.
    Cross-posting is also welcomed here so you can post your message or comment on both forums for more eyes to see.

    Thanks again,
    4_icon_green.png MikeTheBouncer
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