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Tutorial: How to chat on # balloons; the Undernet IRC channel.

Greetings everyone!
So it has been twenty years since I first discovered that I was no longer alone in the world regarding our balloon and inflatable fetishes. Twenty years? My how time flies! In the spirit of the original # balloons website made by the infamous "Chipple," here is a new and updated tutorial on how to access the # balloons channel where we first chat with members of this community. I have provided a screenshot of Chipple's original home page and IRC tutorial from the 1997-2002 era.

hmas740uogxc.png 97l91p5e1utk.png

~For Windows users, this is the best and the oldest IRC chat client. There are numerous other choices available such as HexChat. This tutorial only covers mIRC and provides instructions to set the client to connect to # balloons automatically upon starting the program. There are numerous settings and configurations that are not covered below. Please consult the mIRC help file or search online for further assistance. This tutorial is presented as if this is the first time installing and using mIRC and assumes no prior experience.

~For Linux users, I installed mIRC via PlayOnLinux emulator and configured the settings exactly as shown below. Your results may vary. I have discovered that other IRC clients may not have Undernet included in the server list. Here is the link to's server list in case you need it.

1. Download mIRC from this link: (The latest version is 7.52 at the time of this post.)

2. Install mirc752.exe to your computer.

3. After installation, run the program for the first time. You will be presented with the 'mIRC Options' window. (This is the little hammer icon on the toolbar in case you close it.)


4. The first category is 'Connect.' Enter a nickname and an alternative. The name and email boxes are optional but the servers may not connect you if they are left blank. (Hint: You are not required to enter a real name or real email address but your results may vary.)


5. The next subcategory is 'Servers.' Scroll down and double-click the 'Undernet' folder and highlight 'Random EU server' or 'Random US server' and click the 'Select' button.


6. The next subcategory is 'Options.' Check the 'Connect on startup' box and the 'Preserve nicknames' box. Next, click the 'Perform...' button. Check the 'Enable perform on connect' box. Click the 'Add' button, then in the 'Networks' window, scroll down and select 'Undernet' and click 'OK.' In the 'Perform commands' field. Type:
/join #balloons
...and click 'OK.' (I personally do not change anything in the 'Identd,' 'Proxy,' or 'Local' subcategories.)


7. The next category is 'IRC.' I check every box except 'Hide channel key.' I personally do not change anything in the Options, Messages, Catcher, Logging, and Flood subcategories.)


8. The next categories are 'Sounds' and 'Mouse.' I personally do not change any of these settings or their subcategories.

9. The next category is 'DCC.' (I do not change anything on the 'DCC' window nor the 'Options,' 'Folders,' 'Ignore,' or 'Fserve' subcategories.) In the subcategory 'Server,' check the box 'Enable DCC Server.'


10. The next category is 'Display.' ( I personally do not change anything in this window.) In the subcategory 'Options,' click the 'Tray...' button and check all of the boxes except 'On startup minimize mIRC to tray' and click 'OK.'


11. In the 'Other' category and 'Lock' subcategory, I do not change anything. Now you can click 'OK' to close the 'mIRC Options' window.

12. One more step! In the toolbar, click the "Heart with a # symbol" icon and uncheck the 'Pop up favorites on connect' box and click 'OK.' Now click the "Lightning Bolt" icon.

rprmcjjdf2f7.png lvbgn5hp8itn.png 651a41a6tknq.png

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now chatting on # balloons... Woo-Hoo!

So if all the settings were applied correctly, when you close mIRC and reopen it again, the client should automatically dial you straight into # balloons without any action needed to be taken, not even clicking the lightning bolt icon to connect.

Note: You should have two tabs open upon connection. It is good practice to read the MOTD (Message Of The Day) content on the server tab. The second tab will be the channel. On # balloons, there are always users logged in but not necessarily "at the keyboard." This is normal.

Hope to see you there!

4_icon_green.png MikeTheBouncer
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