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Popping Games

What kind of games do people play when you want pop balloons? With your partners? At party?


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    Greetings jmlover, thanks for the post!

    I invented a game (well, sort of) that I call "the pump race."
    You will need two or more electric inflator pumps, two or more remote light switches with remotes (with different frequencies, this is important,) and a roll of black electrical tape.

    Plug the pumps into the remote switch receptacle(s), tape a large balloon to the hose or valve of the pump with a piece of tape. (The electrical tape is kinda stretchy and can be wrapped around the balloon neck tightly.)

    Each "'rider" has their own remote on/off switch to their own pump, and sits over the uninflated balloon.
    This could also involve a "referee" that controls the switches!
    Riders ride the balloons until they pop!

    I have included a picture of a remote switch in case you haven't seen one before. Regardless of what country you live in, you should have a variation of this device that includes a battery operated remote. Your home improvement store or "big-box" retailer should have something like this. (Be sure to get different frequencies!)

    Have fun!
    4_icon_green.png MikeTheBouncer
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